Just Another Day in Small Business

Got up early, jammed in some coffee and caught up on tasks for a few hours.  Mid-morning I snuck into the local gym for a workout.  Regrettably the platform on the weight machine I was using collapsed while I was standing on it sending me careening into the machine, slashing up my arm nicely and then depositing me onto the floor much to the horror of the nice lady standing next to me.  My left bicep looked like a member of the walking dead was munching on it and there was blood spilling from a deep gash in my forearm.


At this point I did what any sensible person would do and switched to cardio for the rest of my workout.  Once the staff members had cleaned up the pool of blood I left on the floor as I stomped away in disgust they came to visit me on the exercise bike.  This nice gym lady asked that I come with her so she could fill out an incident report.  I told her I had stuff to do and needed to finish the workout so if she wanted to fill out forms she best go get them and join me on the exercise bikes....which she did.


I went home for a quick and rather painful shower.  My lovely wife tried to patch me up enough to stem the bleeding before the important meeting I had to try and close a contract with people I'd never met before.  She gave me additional supplies to take with me in case they were needed.  I presumed that if they were needed I would simply ask one of the nice people at the meeting to change the dressing on my fresh wound.


One conference call and meeting later I showed up at the big meeting.  Everyone was dressed in suits except for me in short sleeves because it was too painful to have anything touching my arm - plus I didn't want bloodstains on my suit.  As I had plotted I drew the sympathy vote which helped the cause.  The contract was won with one arm tied behind my back (literally).


Following the meeting I drove to the Doctor's office and begged them to look at my arm so I didn't have to suffer through Urgent Care.  The nurse looked at the wound and recoiled in horror. I took that as a bad sign.  After a couple of lectures, a tetanus shot and some duct tape on my arm to close the wound I am good to go.


I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.